Altar Servers

Those serving as Servers in the Ministry of Altar Server have been chosen to assist in the most sacred celebrations of our faith.  As Ministers of the Altar, they share in the same dignity of leadership as the Acolyte, Cantor, Lector, Deacon, Presider, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Choir and Usher.  Our Servers are witnesses to the people of our parish.  They serve with dignity, close attention, and reverence.  Servers follow the dress code for Liturgical Ministries as such codes may apply.  Their attentive service is always noticed and appreciated by our parish community.

All practicing Catholics over 9 years old (youth or adult) are welcome to learn how to participate in this ministry.  Please contact Deacon Jim Walls or Deacon Dan Ackerson at St. Edmond's Parish Office (302 - 227 - 4550) for further information.