Diocese of Wilmington Catholic Youth Ministry Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Catholic Youth Ministry empowers and supports adult leaders in the Diocese of Wilmington as they serve today’s young church.



Invite and engage youth and young adults into the life, mission, and ministry of the Church.


  • Support and assist parishes in their efforts to recruit and develop youth ministry leaders;
  • Assist youth ministry leaders in assessing the needs of all young people in their community and in developing appropriate responses;
  • Help leaders of parishes and other diocesan communities understand and implement comprehensive youth ministry;
  • Provide guidance to parish and other diocesan communities in engaging parents in comprehensive youth ministry;
  • Support the development and advancement of youth ministry among Hispanics and other ethnic communities;
  • Develop and implement a vision and direction appropriate for young adult ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry Presents


I discover who I am in the washing of the feet

In John 13, Jesus does something extraordinary. He, the Master and Teacher, washes the feet of his followers. They are overwhelmed at the experience and Jesus’ challenge to them to go and do the same. 

Several of our students have stepped up to the plate with other teens and young adults from our Diocese.  They are engaged in painting homes, building walls, pulling weeds, and mending fences. They have responded to the invitation to serve as Jesus did, making a difference in the lives of those who live down the road, around the corner, and next door. 

It is an experience that can change, move, and inspire you, and lead you to challenge others to go and do the same. It is self-discovery at its best.