Lewes Rehoboth Association of Churches

VISION:  The Lewes-Rehoboth Association of Churches (LRAC) is a life-saving station that helps local people of all races, cultures, and beliefs weather the storms of life.

MISSION:  The mission of LRAC is to:

 Be the body of Christ in celebration of Christian unity.

 Gather donations of money, food, materials, time, and talents to redistribute as gifts from God.

Prevent and break the cycles of addiction, homelessness, incarceration and hopelessness by:  Providing temporary and/or emergency help to local individuals and families and Contributing to community programs.

Help indigent homeowners repair and weather-proof their substandard homes. Invest in programs that effectively address the needs of  children, youth and families, especially those at risk. Support community partnerships.

Contact Fr. Chris Hanley for more information.