Religious Education (Children & Youth)

Marie Kopf
Director of Religious Education

Religious Education Program

The Saint Edmond Religious Education Program for school year 2017 - 2018 begins September 17 and is available for children in grades K though 8.  Classes meet twice a month from September until May.  Registration is required.  Classes are scheduled on Sunday mornings.  Families worship together at the 9:00 AM Mass and attend classes immediately following until 11:00 AM for grades K through 8.  From January to May the Grade 8 students participate in Part 1 of their Confirmation Preparation

Religious Education Calendar:  View the religious education calendar here.

Confirmation Classes are held on Sunday evenings.  Students worship at the 4:30 PM Mass and attend classes immediately after until 7:30 PM.   Dinner is provided.  This 2017 - 2018 school year students in grades 9 are in the evening Confirmation classes.  Students who wish to be confirmed in Grade 9 must have have completed Part 1 of the Confirmation Preparation in Grade 8.need to be in attendance two years before entering immediate Confirmation Preparation. 

First Reconciliation and First Communion are held annually for students who are in the second grade.  Students need to attend Religious Education classes for at least one year before preparation can begin for these sacraments. 

The photos below are from last year's First Reconciliation ceremony.  In March 2018, Second Graders will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  In May 2018, they will receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist for the first time.


CATECHISTS and Aides  

 Adults, who feel God calling them to pass on the faith in our parish community are invited to become an integral part of our catechetical mission as a catechist. 

 An initial interview will take place to explore applicant’s desires and strengths, as well as to assess the best fit for the potential catechist in our program. 

Diocesan requirements include: applicants’ completion of a Background Check, and also signing the Diocesan Volunteer Covenant and Technology Agreement. Annually catechists are asked to take a “Protecting God’s Children” training session either online or at St. Edmond. Catechists also use the program, Keeping Our Promises” to ensure that the children become more aware of safe environments, and the skills needed to protect themselves and others

Aware that there is always room to grow in faith and knowledge and to improve our skills, catechists, aides, seek opportunities for enrichment and in-service. There is an annual workshop offered in October by the Southern AREA Region. However, Catechists will be given an option of either a day or evening session which is held in the Education and Social Building.

Volunteer opportunities in the Religious Education department include Catechists (teachers) and Aides (helpers in the classroom), hall moderators and substitutes. 

For more information about the Religious Education Program please call 302 - 227 - 4553.