Respect Life

Barbara Riggs, Chairperson


Our mission is to promote and advocate for the protection of the sanctity of life in all phases...from conception to natural death including, but not exclusive to, abortion, embryonic cell research, human cloning, genetic altering, capital punishment, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Our actions are in compliance with the Catholic Church as presented in the Catholic Catechism and by the Pope. We are guided by and accountable to the Clergy of St. Edmond’s and the Bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington.


The Ministry is comprised a group of interested parishioners who have an interest in pro-life issues, events, and programs.  The Ministry is facilitated by a chairperson.


The group meets as necessary, September through June.  All interested parishioners are welcome to attend.  Click here or check our Parish Events tab for specific meeting dates, time, and location.

 Events & Programs

  • March for Life Bus Trip to Washington, D.C.  Held on or near the anniversary of the Supreme Court Ruling on Roe vs Wade (on January 22, 1973), this event includes early morning Mass, round-trip bus transportation (a stop for dinner on the return trip), and a full day of activities on the National Mall.
  • Life Chain  Life Chains are held on Good Friday and the first Sunday in October (Pro-Life month) along Rte 1 in front of St. Jude’s Parish.
  • 40 Days for Life  The Respect Life Ministry of St. Edmond Church participate in this community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three point program:  1)  prayer and fasting; 2)  constant vigils; 3)  community outreach.  Vigils are being held in the fall and spring in front of Planned Parenthood Facilities.  We are now participating at the Dover site.
  • Baby Bottle Campaign  In October empty plastic baby bottles are distributed to parishioners, who are asked to fill the bottles with donations. Funds collected benefit the Sussex County Pregnancy Center in Georgetown.  Since 2003, more than $40,000 has been collected at our church.
  • Billboard Campaign  A pro-life billboard on Rte 1 in Lewes has the goal of reversing the culture of death to the culture of life by presenting the visualization of the joy and value of life. The billboard is privately funded without the use of church funds.  For your convenience you may now make your donation via our website under the Electronic Giving tab.
  • Choose Life License Plates  A Choose Life license plate is a significant means of sending a message of life to the general public.  For details to obtain your own Choose Life Delaware license plate, contact Jim Cordie at 302-678-9955 or email Jim Cordie or click on the License Plate to print forms and instructions.

Help is Available

If you, or someone you know, are considering an abortion please know that there are life giving choices available.  Help is available through the Sussex Pregnancy Care Center 302-856-4344 or

Are you hurting or is someone you know hurting from the effects of abortion? Help is available through Catholic Charities at 877-225-7870 or Rachel’s Vineyard at or 877-HOPE-4-ME (877-467-3463).

For more information or to join this ministry, please contact Barbara Riggs: