Staff Member: Rev. Christopher Hanley

Staff Member: Rev. Christopher Hanley

Rev. Christopher Hanley

Phone: 302 227 4550

Our Associate Pastor, Father Chris Hanley was born in Randolph, Maine on July 25, 1963, Father Chris was ordained a priest in the Wilmington Diocese May 17, 2008 by Bishop Saltarelli (the Bishop’s last ordination).

Father became interested in the Wilmington Diocese after visiting his brother and sister who were working in Wilmington at the time. It was in Wilmington that he was introduced to the Lenten/Holy Thursday local tradition of “visiting churches” and was very impressed. Several years later he was called back to become a priest. He applied and was accepted into the Wilmington Diocese by Bishop Saltarelli.

The chalice Father Chris uses is special to him because of the manner in which it was presented to him. After searching for, and not finding, a chalice that he liked, Monsignor Ralph Martin, a retired priest from the diocese, offered this unique vessel to Father Chris. The coloring and cup design are unique, and Monsignor Martin, in giving the chalice to Father Chris, asked him to make sure that it was used regularly to allow the members of the congregation to hold the cup and drink from it. Father Chris has honored those wishes.

Father has served the parishes of the Lower Peninsula well. He was assigned to St. Francis DeSales (Salisbury) and was in residence at St. Luke/St. Andrew (Ocean City). He was assigned associate pastor at St. Ann (Bethany) and now he is here with us at St. Edmond.

For his relaxation Father Chris enjoys gardening (take a look at the landscaping surrounding the rectory). He is an avid walker and enjoys bowling. With all of his activities regarding his obligations to St. Edmond, he does find time to relax.

It is Father Chris’s feeling that St. Edmond is a church where people feel welcome. He hopes that he makes the people of our parish feel welcome and encourages our guests and visitors to “come home to St. Edmond.” He is humbled to be called to individuals’ bedsides to anoint them and offer them pardon, thus wiping away their sins and preparing them for entry into heaven.

Father Chris has accepted the nickname, “Fr. Amen,” and truly loves full participation of the Eucharist. Father says that celebrating the Holy Eucharist with our parishioners is the greatest gift God gives us. To that we say, “Amen!”

As we complete this discussion of Father Chris, it is only appropriate we end this as only Father Chris would approve…AMEN!

Photo of Rev. Christopher Hanley