A Message from UNICO:

“Zeppole” (baked–not fried) a traditional pastry treat to celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph, will be sold on Sunday March 27, after all the morning Masses. Saint Joseph’s Feast Day, March 19, will be honored with the Blessing and distributing of Bread, as is the custom. Both events are being sponsored by UNICO Rehoboth Area. Pre-orders for these hand-made delights are suggested as the supply is limited. The price per pastry is $3.00 (small; 6 for $ 15.00) or $5.00 (large; 6 for $25.00) To order email [email protected] or call 302 226-0620.

In addition, other Italian Baked Goods, cakes , cookies, and breads will be available for sale. Proceeds will benefit the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Saint Edmond Parish.