Code Purple Shelter at St. Jude the Apostle

A Message from St. Jude the Apostle in Lewes:

Code Purple operates six emergency shelters here in Sussex County during the winter months from December 1, though March 15 each year.  Last winter the former Troop 7 building on Coastal Hwy was used but is no longer viable.  This year we will provide our own Parish Life Center to house up to 14 homeless men during the night over the 100 nights.  The project is well underway at this point, and we have several volunteers that are members of St. Edmonds on our team today.

In this ministry we have an ongoing need for volunteers in our core service area including the Overnight Host, Intake Assistant, Snow Team and a Driver.

Here is a summary of the roles:

Host: Staying overnight with our guests ensures a peaceful night of rest for all.  Responsibilities include welcoming, gently helping the guest recover from the cold, explaining boundaries, providing nourishment, bedding, maintaining order and process, gently addressing disruptors, ensuring safety and warmth, announcing reveille, assigning chores, cleaning up area, closing the shelter at 7 AM, Roughly 10 hours continuous. Contact Mike Agnew @ [email protected] 

Intake Assistant: Helping the host with intake, and directing guests to cots, providing nourishment and bedding, attending to guests as the room fills, completing boundary sign-in, reservation schedules.  Leaving the shelter after everything is quieting down. Roughly 45 minutes each night. Contact Mike Agnew @ [email protected] 

Snow Team: a team of available people who can fill in at the shelter when bad weather arrives and busses are not operating or we believe the men would be in danger if they were to leave the shelter at 7 AM, relieving the overnight host for an hour or so until transportation is running again, or the danger has subsided. Contact Bob Hearn @ [email protected] 

Evening/Morning Driver: Code Purple @ St Jude and The Lewes Park & Ride Bus Terminal are on opposite sides of Coastal Highway and there are no crosswalks for pedestrians.  Our Guests arrive at the bus terminal from the Community Resource Center in Rehoboth Beach every evening and often return to the CRC in the morning unless they are going to work.  DelDOT provided St. Jude with a DART para-transit vehicle to move the guest to/from The Lewes park and Ride from/to St. Jude’s shelter.  We need drivers (No CDL needed) to drive the van back and forth from the shelter to the Lewes Park and Ride terminal each morning and each evening. Contact Mike Agnew @ [email protected] 

Volunteers can sign up for Code Purple @ St Jude by sending their name and phone number to [email protected].  I will arrange to speak with each volunteer and provide necessary introductions and training.

Also, we have several sub-ministries that continue to need specific (shelf-stable) foods and clothing.