Environmental Ministry

Cheryl Cherney, Chairperson
[email protected]

The Environment Ministry group works to enhance the interior of the church for regularly scheduled Masses,  special Masses, and other liturgical celebrations, so that the Liturgy can be more fully enriched for all parishioners. The group has three major areas of responsibility—decorating, sacristans, and sewing.  All members are parishioner volunteers who share their talents and skills in these areas.

The decorating group plans, prepares, and places the décor for the major liturgical events such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. The main objective is to decorate God’s house in a simple yet elegant style so as to enhance, but not detract, from the people’s worship.  Changing decorations frequently and keeping plants and flowers fresh ensures the church environment is appealing to all.

The sacristans are the “housekeepers” of the altar.  They launder altar linens such as purificators, corporals, altar cloths, and hand towels used by the priests.  They polish the brass candlesticks, wash the glass globes and dust the area.  Cleaning and refilling the holy water fonts at each door is also on their “to do” list.

Members of the sewing group use sewing machines, as well as needles and thread.  The group was started in 2000 with the initial purpose of making baptismal bibs for our infants.  They continue with the bibs and have added making RCIA scapulars, altar cloths, and altar server albs.  They also make the dalmatics for the Deacons and chasubles for the Priests.

All our volunteers enjoy doing their part in making our liturgical services more beautiful and meaningful for all.

The Environment Ministry group and sewing group meets in the fall, winter and spring.  Click here or check our Parish Events tab for specific meeting dates, time, and location.

Two sacristans are scheduled for each week.  The rotation depends on the number available.  Past schedule has been every six weeks.

Workshops are scheduled as needed.