Above: Wedding at St. Edmond 2022, photos by Samantha Dawson Photography.

At least one member of the marrying couple must be practicing Roman Catholic.  Arrangements must begin a minimum of one year in advance. Participation in Pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter is required. Call the parish office (302 - 227 - 4550) at least 12 months prior to desired marriage date to arrange a meeting with one of the priests or deacons.  Additional information regarding the sacramental nature of Catholic Marriage is also available at the Diocese of Wilmington Office for Marriage and Family Life webpage and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops webpage.  Participation in a Pre-Cana program is also required, but should not be scheduled until after an initial meeting with a priest or deacon. In the Diocese of Wilmington all 2023 registrations for Pre-Cana will be processed electronically with credit cards. Click here for more information regarding registration for the Diocese of Wilmington Pre-Cana classes.

The 3 videos below present highlights and may answer some of your questions regarding the Sacrament of Matrimony.