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July 1, 2014

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

June was a comfortable month with mild temperatures.  July promises to be warmer and ideal for the beach.  We are at the height of vacation season and many people take advantage of this time to be recreated.  Our Lord gives us the example of "getting away" from the tasks of everyday life.  Jesus went away by Himself and also with His Apostles to reflect, pray and break away from labors.  We need time to settle down and get in touch with the inner spirit.  Where better to experience the grandeur of creation and the meaning of Life...than at the beach?  It was on the seashore that Jesus did His initial ministry.

Beginning July 4th weekend to August 31st, we will have an extra Mass at 9:00 a.m. in Rehoboth Elementary School, 500 Stockley Street, with more parking.  Our parish is trying to accommodate the expected crowds and supply more parking.  Our hope is to make Mass available to you while you are enjoying the beach.


The photo above is from the turn-of the last century.  It shows our original church (formerly called St. Agnes)  and the beach crowds ... all bundled up.  My, how things have changed....but not the desire to be near the ocean during the summer. 


Rev. Joseph Piekarski





Masses at St. Edmond's Rehoboth from July 6 to August 31 are:

Saturday, afternoon        4:00     St. Edmond Church

                                          5:30     St. Edmond Church

Sunday, morning             7:30     St. Edmond Church     & Hall

                                           9:00     St. Edmond Church     & Hall        & Rehoboth Elementary School     500 Stockley St.

                                         10:30     St. Edmond Church     & Hall     

Sunday, afternoon           4:30     St. Edmond Church







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