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August, 2014

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day, we come to the beginning of the closure of the summer season.  Our extra summer Masses at Rehoboth Elementary School and the extra 7:30 Mass in the hall will stop after Labor Day Weekend.  It seems like the season rush just began and here we are toward the end.  Never the less, the crowds still come as long as the weather is nice and so we continue some extra Masses until the winter.

For now, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Labor Day reminds each of us that we need one another.  Everyone who shares in the workforce of our community contributes toward the welfare of others…bricklayers and plumbers are needed to build our structures.  Technicians and doctors are needed to keep the health system alive.  Researchers and scientists work to improve the quality of life.  Educators and economists advance our knowledge.  The Church and ministers work to sanctify life and share compassion.  The list goes on and on.  We need one another.  Thank you for the labors you contribute to us.  May God bless the work of our hands.   

Sustaining Hope for the Future.  Our parish is in the second wave of this two-part campaign that is asked to replenish the retirement fund for diocesan employees.  With the bankruptcy of the Diocese of Wilmington, the diocesan funds that fed the diocesan retirement program were drained.  The courts ordered that they be replenished and that is the major reason for this campaign.  Individual parishes, in our diocese, are asked to have parishioners and friends pledge toward this campaign with 60% of the money collected going toward the diocesan goal and 40% returning to each parish’s needs.  So the campaign will begin, in our parish, in the month of September.



Rev. Joseph Piekarski






Sunday Masses at St. Edmond's Rehoboth to August 31 are:

Saturday, afternoon        4:00     St. Edmond Church

                                          5:30     St. Edmond Church

Sunday, morning             7:30     St. Edmond Church     & Hall

                                           9:00     St. Edmond Church     & Hall        & Rehoboth Elementary School     500 Stockley St.

                                         10:30     St. Edmond Church     & Hall     

Sunday, afternoon           4:30     St. Edmond Church







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