Elijah Cup What and Why

8r460pcas3peiw3jhhz9oum0bll.jpgWhat is the Elijah Cup?

The Elijah Cup ministry has as its main focus to pray for an increase in priestly, diaconal, and religious vocations.  Each week, a family, couple, or individual that has signed up will receive the Elijah Cup Chalice at Mass.  For that week the chalice remains with them as a focal point of prayer in their homes, dedicated specifically for an increase in vocations.  At the end of the week the chalice is returned and is then handed over to the next person, couple, or family that signed up.

Why is it called the Elijah Cup?

The scriptural basis of program is from the Old Testament reading of Elijah and the widow ( Kings 1: 8-15) where God promises the widow that by providing food for Elijah of what little she had  “the jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry”.   At this command, the widow and her son were able to eat for a year without running out of food. Likewise through this program, by offering what we have we pray that God will provide and we will see an overflow of vocations in the parish, the deanery ad the Diocese at large.