Faith Formation

Faith Formation at Saint Edmond Parish encompasses everyone.


 According to the General Directory for Catechesis, the goal of all faith formation is, “to encourage a living, explicit and fruitful profession of faith” (GDC #66) and to “put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ” (GDC #80).  These beautiful words are central to the life of Saint Edmond Parish.

The parish is where the Church lives and the family is where this life begins.  The Christian family is ordinarily the first experience of the Christian community and the primary environment for growth in faith.  Parents are the primary educators in the faith and the “first heralds” of the word of God to their children.


 Saint Edmond Parish works together with all its parishioners to form a community of lifelong learners. Our goal is to be a community of action, love, and hope where the Gospel is proclaimed and celebrated joyfully.  Explore our Faith Formation pages to learn more about the faith formation opportunities at Saint Edmond.

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