Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, acts in an advisory role to the Pastor to help him identify parish needs, define parish policies, and develop and evaluate parish programs and activities. There are twelve members, along with several ex-officio members, such as the Associate Pastor, parish deacons, and the heads of Religious Education and Parish Communications. The Pastor, as President, and an Executive Officer preside over the Council and its committees.

Some of the specific responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Facilitating the annual strategic planning process for all standing committees and evaluating whether St. Edmond’s is meeting the goals outlined in the Parish Mission Statement.
  • Promoting regular communication and understanding among parish committees and organizations, and between the parish, the diocese, and the universal church.
  • Communicating on at least an annual basis with parishioners about the status of parish affairs, and soliciting their input on parish programs and activities.
  • Providing oversight of the activities of all parish committees and ministries.
  • Appointing and supervising ad hoc committees, as needed, for special projects and events.
  • Reviewing the parish’s annual budget and financial statements as prepared and submitted by the parish Finance Council.

The Pastoral Council meets monthly, September through May.  Parishioners are welcome to attend or contact a Pastoral Council member by clicking on their email link below.

Click here or check our Parish Events tab for specific meeting dates, time, and location.

Click here for the Pastoral Council minutes.

2022 Pastoral Council Members’ Roster


Fr. William Cocco — Pastor (President) [email protected]

Fr. Mano Salla — Associate Pastor [email protected]

Rose Marie Patin — Executive Officer  [email protected]

Tom Carter — Recording Secretary [email protected]

Ministry Chairs

Connie Benko — Liturgy [email protected]

Vacant — Building and Maintenance

Marie Kopf — Director of Religious Education [email protected]

Susan Ondish — Parish Family Life  [email protected]

Bob Wolhar — Salt & Light, Respect Life  [email protected]

At-Large Representative- Vacant

Ex Officio Members

Deacon Jim Cadigan —  [email protected]

Deacon Dave McDowell — [email protected]

Deacon Phil Ricker —  [email protected]

Deacon Jim Walls —  [email protected]

Deacon Bob Sprouse —  [email protected]

Organization Liaisons

Mary Ellen Tully — LRAC [email protected]  

Bob Wolhar — Knights of Columbus Grand Knight  [email protected]

Susan Ondish — St. Vincent de Paul President  [email protected]